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Clark County
Short-Term Rental Ordinance


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On June 21, 2022, Unincorporated Clark County passed new regulations on short-term renting.  These regulations went into effect July 1, 2022.  Our Association, however, has sued Clark County and the State to challenge the new regulations as unconstituional in violation of the Nevada and US Constitution.  A win in court for us would force the County and State to get rid of the problematic ordinance and licensing scheme.  Donate to our legal fund here to help our fight in court!

The licensing scheme created includes a pre-application period of six months, from September 13, 2022 to March 13, 2022.  Applying doesn't mean you will qualify and qualifying doesn't mean you will get a license.  This is because Clark County has created a licensing scheme designed to cast a county-wide net to catch as many homeowners as possible while ultimately denying 80% of the short-term rentals a license, even if you meet all the requirements.  This is because the regulations include a series of pre-application requirements, restrictions, documentation, inspection, a lottery, and disqualifying factors to eliminate the vast majority of applicants.

Property owners will have to disclose all private personal and rental property information with no guarantee of being approved for a license

We have been told the County is using bogus "complaint calls" and using "inspection fees" to charge operators thousands of dollars in fines.  The County's Code Enforcement officers use the same script when they arrive to the property, falsely claiming a nuisance call was made on the property, then try to get guests to reveal booking information, which the County's Code Enforcement officers uses to issue fines on property owners.

This is why we are asking you to donate to our legal fund by
CLICKING HERE.  This money will help us fight back to protect you.

At the end of the 6-month pre-application period and sometime after March 13, 2023, qualified applicants will be entered into a lottery to determine who, out of all the applicants regardless of who applied first or last, will receive a license based on several determining factors, requirements, and restrictions imposed by Clark County.  This means that even if you are randomly selected in the lottery, you could still be denied a license.

Therefore no matter what you do or how perfect your operation is, you may still not get a license and since the County will have your information, you will be very likely deprived from operating and targeted for fines and liens on your property.

The new regulations include up to $10,000 in fines and jail time for the simple act of renting one's home for less than 31 days without a license.

Any home within 1,000-feet of another STR is ineligible.

Any home within 2,500-feet from an unrestricted-gaming resort hotel is outright banned.

Any home not connected to city sewer is ineligible.

Any home with upgrades or remodeling without permits is ineligible.

Homeowners may only qualify for one license for one property only.

Homes may only house 2 people per bedroom, up to a maximum of 10 people, whichever is less.

Only the bedrooms listed in the County records will be counted.

Home inspection by County officials will be required.

Homeowners must agree to unannounced inspections by County officials.

Homeowners must turn in any and all documentation when demanded by County officials at any time.

Among other things.

Due to these and other highly restrictive and overly aggressive provisions in the short-term rental ordinance adopted by Clark County and the State of Nevada, our 
lawsuit was filed on August 3, 2022 against Clark County, the Clark County Commissioners, and the State of Nevada.  Our lawsuit seeks to protect private property owners' Constitutional rights and freedoms and their ability to rent on a short-term basis. This is an on-going lawsuit and we still need to raise more funds to keep the fight in court and take it to the highest court in our State, the Nevada Supreme Court.


Clark County's ordinance and Nevada's STR law are considered the most restrictive and punitive STR regulations in the United States.  Donate to our legal fund HERE.

Read Our Lawsuit filed, Click HERE.

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