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Freeze Mortgage and Other Payments

This resource page is being created and updated for our members to refer to during this difficult time.  

Freeze Mortgage and Other Payments
  • Mortgage Payments
    Banks and other lenders are offering homeowners mortgage assistance options which include forbearance.  Call your lender or go to your mortgage lender website for details.  As an example, US Bank now has a link on their website to make it easy and quick for homeowners to request their forbearance.  It was an easy four step online process that offers six months forbearance.  Call your lender.


  • Rent Payments
    On March 29, 2020, Governor Sisolak announced a moratorium on evictions for both residential and commercial tenants for the duration of the State of Emergency.  Make sure to reach out to your landlord or property manager to let them know your situation.  Many are working with tenants to freeze or pay partial rent, depending on your financial situation.


  • Automobile Payments and Credit Card

    Automobile, credit card companies, and other financial lending institutions are also offering consumers assistance in freezing payments.  Give them a call and let them know.  They are all making the process easy and quick for consumers.


The key here is to reach out to your lenders and get the freeze put in place.  It may be overwhelming, time-consuming due to large call volumes, but the agents are usually pleasant to deal with, and already know how to handle the situation.​

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