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City of Henderson
Short-Term Rental Ordinance


All our committees are made up of local short-term rental owners and operators.  What better way to help shape the future of the STR community than by having those who are directly affected by these policies to be directly involved in the process!

The Greater Las Vegas STR Association (GLVSTRA) encourages and welcomes local hosts and property owners to get involved to help draft favorable STR legislation for our community.

  • History

On July 16, 2019, the City of Henderson voted in to allow property owners to rent their properties short-term.  Our Association has always been involved with Henderson public officials and Airbnb to ensure common sense and fair rules are put in place that benefit all in the STR community.

On November 17, 2020, the City of Henderson City Council adopted changes for the operation of STRs (Short-Term Rentals) further restricting them and depriving property owners from getting registered. 

Today, we find ourselves fighting to defend our rights as property owners as the City of Henderson moves to pass draconian rules against short-term rental operators.  We need to speak up against this and ensure that public officials protect the rights of all property owners.

Short-Term Rental FAQ's

What are the new rules for short term rentals?

Short-Term Residential Rentals cannot be 1,000 feet from another short-term rental, and must comply with registration, noise, parking, and other regulations.  All conditions must be met, no waivers or deviations are allowed.

Are there new changes coming up?

The Nevada Legislature just approved AB363 which has created a new State law.  This new law will require the City of Henderson to update its ordinance.  This may result in even more restrictions to further prevent short-term renting.

What is the proper process if you want to have a short term rental?

For details on the process, then go HERE.​

  • City of Henderson STR Ordinance

  • Our Opposition Letter to the proposed rules:

  • We requested Pacific Legal Foundation to support our efforts in opposing the City of Henderson's proposed rules.  Click file below to read their letter:

  • Click file to read Airbnb's comments to the City's proposed rules:

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