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North Las Vegas
Short-Term Rental Ordinance


All our committees are made up of local community hosts.  What better way to help shape the future of the STR community than by having property owners, who are directly affected, involved in the process.

The Greater Las Vegas STR Association (GLVSTRA) encourages and welcomes local hosts and property owners to get involved to help public officials draft favorable STR legislation for our community.

  • History

GLVSTRA started meeting with North Las Vegas officials in 2019.  Shortly after, North Las Vegas created a draft ordinance which they submitted for our review, comments, and suggestions.  The current draft ordinance along with our suggestions was submitted to North Las Vegas officials for review end of 2019.  You can see the draft created by North Las Vegas along with our comments and suggestions by clicking on the file at the bottom of this page.

In 2020, Julie Davies of Nevada Vacation Rental Professionals (NVRP) attended a meeting with North Las Vegas public officials where she advocated to have her STR class added as an additional requirement to the ordinance.  Davies charges hosts over $300 per person to take her STR class.  This would mean making licensing in North Las Vegas $300 more expensive than originally suggested by North Las Vegas public officials.  It would also mean Davies greatly profiting by charging every single host in North Las Vegas over $300 each to take her class before having the opportunity to get licensed in the City.

An STR class was not something public officials had required originally (see a copy of the original draft ordinance by North Las Vegas at bottom of this page).  Our STR community continues to deal with Davies constant pushed to have her STR class mandated in ordinances; thus adding more obstacles and costs for hosts to get licensed and making compliance difficult in municipalities.

The vast majority of hosts throughout Las Vegas, including in North Las Vegas, have been operating for years without a need for a special course/class.  There is tons of free education online for hosts who wish to operate an STR.  Sites like Aribnb, the largest STR platform in the world, and HomeAway, the second largest platform, all offer educational tools to help hosts follow best practices and to become great operators, all for FREE!  There's no need for a for-profit STR course!  We must advocate public officials to re-think this requirement or at the very least to allow for a free STR course, especially for those who are financially strapped (especially as a result of covid-19) and wish to get licensed.

We want high compliance in each municipality and this can only be achieved when licensing is affordable and has the least restrictions.  Otherwise we risk pushing operators back into the shadows and depriving the City from much needed revenue. 

  • GLVSTRA Committee Members

    • Benedict (Ned) Reyes

    • Michael Portillo

    • Stephan Kraus

  • Current North Las Vegas STR Ordinance:

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