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North Las Vegas

Short-Term Rental Ordinance


All our committees are made up of local community hosts.  What better way to help shape the future of the STR community than by having property owners, who are directly affected, involved in the process.

The Greater Las Vegas STR Association (GLVSTRA) encourages and welcomes local hosts and property owners to get involved to help public officials draft favorable STR legislation for our community.

Deadline to grandfather your short-term rental is: December 21, 2020 by 11:59pm

If you have owned your home a year prior to October 21, 2020, you have until December 20, 2020 by 11:59pm to submit your application to grandfather your property as a short-term rental.  After this date, all applicants have to follow and abide by the 660-foot distance separation, among other requirements. 

To apply go here:

Click here for the: current STR ordinance

Registration process

Step 1: Get a Conditional Use Permit (CUP)

To obtain information on how to apply for a CUP, call the city’s Planning Department at (702) 633-1537. Processing may take up to 30 days. Required documents include proof of ownership, site plans showing installation of noise monitoring equipment, and floor plans for owner-occupied units.

Step 2: Get a business license

Upon receiving an approval letter for a Conditional Use Permit, operators must apply for a business license, which includes a $900 fee. Required documents include a self-inspection checklist; notarized affidavit showing installation of outdoor noise monitoring equipment and compliance with neighbor notification within 200 ft of the rental; certificate of insurance.


The City of North Las Vegas imposes a 13% transient lodging tax on short-term rentals. Operators are required to collect and remit this tax to the city. Guests qualifying as a “permanent resident,” or guest stays of 30 days or more, are exempt from the transient lodging tax.

Other rules

It's also important to understand and abide by other contracts or rules that bind you, such as leases, condo board or co-op rules, HOA rules, or rules established by tenant organizations. Please read your lease agreement and check with your landlord if applicable.

Short-Term Rental FAQ's

What are the new rules for short term rentals?

Short-Term Residential Rentals cannot be 660 feet from another short-term rental, and must comply with registration, noise, parking, and other regulations.  All conditions must be met, no waivers or deviations are allowed.

Are there new changes coming up?

The Nevada Legislature just approved AB363 which has created a new State law.  This new law will require the City of Henderson to update its ordinance.  This may result in even more restrictions to further prevent short-term renting.

What is the proper process if you want to have a short term rental?

For details on the process, then go HERE.​

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