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Clark County
Short-Term Rental Ordinance


All our committees are made up of local community hosts.  What better way to help shape the future of the STR community than by having property owners, who are directly affected, involved in the process.

The Greater Las Vegas STR Association (GLVSTRA) encourages and welcomes local hosts and property owners to get involved to help public officials draft favorable STR legislation for our community.

Currently, there's a ban on short-term rentals in Clark County.


We have met with some County officials and they have expressed a desire to explore the possibility of allowing short-term rentals.  This is all in the very early stages.  Public officials have acknowledged that issuing bans and fines have not worked.  We need a common-sense approach and the time is now to discuss a way to make this work for all. 

The vast majority of hosts throughout Las Vegas have been operating for years without major issues.  Hosts already follow best practices which they learn from sites like Aribnb, the largest STR platform in the world, and HomeAway, the second largest platform, all of which offer tons of educational tools to help hosts become great operators, all for FREE!  Because of this, hosts have and continue to run their rentals without any major issues and without major disruptions to their communities.

We want high compliance in each municipality and this can only be achieved when licensing is affordable and has the least restrictions.  Otherwise we risk pushing operators back into the shadows and depriving the County from much needed revenue. 

  • Committee Members

    • Allison Ting ​

    • Benedict (Ned) Reyes

    • Debra Hansen

    • Elaine Levin

    • Malee Simpson

    • Ramiro Simpson

    • Stuart Chapman

  • Proposed Draft Ordinance:

    • ​None available at this time.​​

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