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Help Us Legalize Short-Term Rentals in Nevada

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Hellen Keller


The current Nevada State Legislators are discussing and drafting regulations that will impact short-term rentals and the ability of STR owners and operators to host.

Our Greater Las Vegas Short-Term Rental Association (GLVSTRA) is calling on all hosts and allies to come together to work with us to ensure any proposed legislation continues to protect the property rights of Nevada residents, as well as, provide a powerful economic boost for local communities through healthy tourism, especially as the State navigates recovery from the pandemic.

There are three proposed State Bills that will affect short-term rentals across Nevada:

Senate Bill 322 (or SB322), Assembly Bill 363 (or AB363), and Senate Bill 52 (or SB52)


Make sure you do each action called for.  Also and most importantly, call legislators EVERY single day and state your position ("in support for a hearing of SB322", "amend AB363 to protect property rights and open short-term renting too ALL Nevadans not just a few", and "in opposition to SB52").  This may seem like a lot of work but after the first time, it will literally take you less than 15 minutes of your day.  That's a small investment to make for something life-changing!  This is our chance to fight back as a powerful and large group!

Senate Bill 322

What does Senate Bill 322 do?

  • Senator Carrie Buck's Senate Bill 322 will provide protections to property owners, create a framework for short-term rentals (STRs) to flourish in Nevada, and limit excessive fines by local governments.  SB322 would legalize short-term rentals by prohibiting cities and counties from restricting property owners' rights to rent out their primary residence for fewer than 28 days.  It would allow property owners to rent to visitors throughout our State.  SB322 would also reduce the severity of the excessive fines and fees that have plagued short-term renters.  Rather than slap property owners with these hefty fines as a first resort, we should give them a chance to correct course and comply with local regulations.

Why we support Senate Bill 322? 

  • SB322 will strengthen property rights, protect economic opportunity, and reform excessive fining by local governments.

Who are we targeting?

What's Our Call to Action?

1. Call EVERY DAY asking Senator Loop to give SB322 a hearing.  


Democrats hold the majority in the State legislature so they have the power to decide which Bills will be heard and voted on.  Just because SB322 is being proposed by a Republican, it should not be ignored.  This is the most pro-STR and pro-property rights Bill currently being proposed at the State level. Bills that help elevate individuals out of poverty and give them a chance at prosperity should be heard and given a chance, despite party politics.

Assembly Bill 363

What does Assembly Bill 363 do?

  • Assemblywoman Rochelle Nguyen's Assembly Bill 363 has a lot of areas that need substantive changes, including a 1,000-foot distance separation, 3-night minimum for all stays, County Board approval for all short-term rental license applications, among other things.  Assemblywoman Nguyen has expressed to us that she is very open to input and does not want a Bill that bans STR's.  However, many of the provisions in her Bill would result in a ban for Nevadans. 

Why are we concerned with Assembly Bill 363? 

  • AB 363's distance restriction, 3-night minimum stays, and County Board approval, among other restrictions are essentially de facto bans for many hosts.  It allows the government to pick winners and losers.  Such restrictions are an affront to equality and are obstacles to economic freedom for Nevadans.  If someone wants to run a short-term rental, he/she should have the same and equal opportunity as another, as long as he/she does it without affecting the health and safety of others.

Who are we targeting?


What's Our Call to Action?
1.  Call EVERY DAY asking Assemblywoman Rochelle Nguyen to remove provisions in her Bill that support and promote discriminatory practices and that limit economic freedom to a few at a time when all Nevadans are in dire need of prosperity. 


Provisions we oppose include any distance restriction, the limit on minimum-day stay, the limit of rentals to only 4 bedroom max, requirement for public hearing for each applicant, and limits on number of STRs per person. 

This Bill should support and defend property rights, equality and freedom by giving EVERYONE an equal opportunity to benefit from the sharing-economy as long as their actions do not threaten the public health and security. 

2. Next, EVERYONE needs to submit their written testimony using Airbnb's link: Do this once only.

Do not worry about disclosing your personal information, these testimonials are going to State legislators looking to legalize short-term rentals, not local government officials.  State lawmakers need to know that short-term rentals are an important source of supplemental income for thousands of Nevadans and crucial for the state’s post-pandemic recovery.  Additionally, hosting also supports small businesses and the state’s economy especially as so many residents reel from the financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

3. We need hosts who can speak publicly.  This will very likely take place remotely via the internet or through telephone.  Please send us an email to sign up as a speaker at


4. Go read and register with Airbnb at: 


Senate Bill 57

What does Senate Bill 57 do?

  • SB 57 would allow the board of County Commissioners to make a special assessment against property owners who have unpaid fines or fees for short-term renting or related to chronic nuisances on their property.  This means the County would be able to roll over these fines into the homeowner's property taxes.

Why we oppose Senate Bill 57?

  • We oppose this legislation because SB57 as written does not consider an individual's ability to pay and will burden those who cannot afford these fines and fees at the risk of losing their property.  In particular, SB57 is an indirect attempt to target the short-term rental (STR) community.  There are hundreds of STR operators who had no idea that short-term renting was illegal in Clark County and were hit cumulatively and retroactively with $1000 fines for every day.  In our last FOIA request, we learned that out of the $3 million in outstanding fines, short-term rentals accounted for approximately $2 million.

Who are we targeting?

What's Our Call to Action?

1. Call EVERY DAY and tell these Senators that they should be focused on protecting individuals from government over-reach and policies like this one that attacks Nevada homeowners especially at a time when many are suffering as a result of the pandemic which has devastated our economy. 

Lawmakers should be focused on passing legislation that helps homeowners stay in their homes not granting local government the power to kick them out of, perhaps, their only valuable asset, their home.  This Bill is simply an attempt by local corporate-sponsored politicians to protect corporate profits and do the dirty work of the hotel lobbyist of getting rid of the "competition" (the individual homeowners who dare to rent their homes to travelers to supplement their income). 


Hosts with short-term rental (STR) fines and liens should be given the opportunity to have such fines and liens forgiven by giving them the opportunity to get licensed.  If we truly believe in Criminal Justice Reform then there should first be a path to legalization for these STR property owners that includes forgiveness of STR fines and liens.

2. Next, use Airbnb's SB57 link to also send in your testimonial in opposition of SB57.  Click link here: Do this once only.

We need all property owners, hosts, guests, property managers, and allies to call EVERY SINGLE DAY on EVERY SINGLE BILL.  We need to flood their phone lines and let them know how we feel.  

Join us to learn more and get involved to help Short-Term Rentals become legal across Nevada!

Upcoming Events:

  • Friday, April 2, 2021 Mixer at 6:45pm. Free drinks and food. Meet hosts, allies and leaders. Click Here to RSVP

  • Monday, April 5, 2021 Host MeetUp at 5:30pm - We need at least 30 hosts to help. E-mail us at

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Hellen Keller


We're a community of hosts working togeher to empower and grow your business and our industry.

Carrie Buck's STR Bill (SB 322)

GLVSTRA pushes for policies at the local and state level that advance your business interests.

Rochelle Nguyen's STR Bill (AB 363)

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