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Short Term Rental Advocacy Gone Wrong

This page will be updated with the anti-STR comments and statements submitted to public officials by individuals or groups that affect our STR community.  This information is available to the public on the City or County website.  In some cases, the information may have been gathered after doing a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) to the City of Henderson, City of Las Vegas, Clark County, and North Las Vegas.  It is comments like these that make STR ordinances complicated, costly, and a weapon by neighbors against STR owners, operators, and guests.  

City of Henderson

"VVRA supports minimal distance separation." - Annette Fiala

"The VVRA supports limiting the pool and jacuzzi use after 9pm." - Annette Fiola 

"the VVRA supports requiring all STVR's to have a 24-hour security response company." - Annette Fiola 

"When the VVRA originally contacted Henderson, during mid-2018 for input for Henderson's STRV registration, we proposed for the registration to require: a noise monitoring device; security cameras, a 24-hour security response company; and the STR Certification Class." - Annette Fiola 

City of North Las Vegas

Annette Fiala, no address provided, from Vegas Vacation Rental Association spoke in support of the short-term rental ordinances, stating the Association advocates for reasonable regulations.  She asked staff to consider short-term rental certification class to the ordinances.

City of Las Vegas

City of Las Vegas has a draft ordinance given to them by unnamed individuals, but looking at the draft ordinance it has very similar components pushed by the above individuals: STR class, security company, noise monitoring devices, among other things.

Some hosts have stated that NoiseAware (the company behind the noise monitoring devices) donates to Annette Fiola.  Which explains why Anette Fiola and her VVRA is linked to NoiseAware here: and why she pushes officials to mandate the product into law.


Clark County

Clark County began looking at possibly allowing STR's to operate in the County.  We know Annette Fiola and Julie Davies have already started pushing their personal agenda and financial interests: noise monitoring device, STR class, security company, etc.

Click "PDF" icons to read documents on public record. -->

The City of Henderson Ordinance passed with 1,000-foot distance separation restriction which now leaves many property owners unable to register and operate legally.  It is considered one of the biggest distance separation requirements in the United States, thanks to the VVRA constant promotion of a distance separation which now has spread to the City of Las Vegas (660-foot), North Las Vegas (600-foot), and now in the City of Henderson.

The ordinance also requires the STR class (which is taught by Annette's friend Julie Davies) as a mandate and for which Julie Davies makes over $300 per property owner AND another $300 per local contact who are both required to take her STR class. In return, Julie Davies invites Annette into her classroom so Annette can promote membership into her VVRA group with membership fees that charge hosts hundreds to thousands with the promise to advocate on their behalf, but are they really advocating for hosts or for their own financial gain!?

Other requirements include: restriction on pool and jacuzzi use, noise monitoring device requirement, turning data over to local government of your monitoring device and security camera footage, all of which are then used AGAINST STR owners and operators by the City to levy fines and ultimately revoke their registration, even when the STR owner or operator show they took care of the issues at hand.  Currently in Henderson, anyone can make an accusation against an STR owner/operator and the STR owner/operator has 24-hours to prove they are innocent, if not, you're given a fine.  Guilty until YOU prove YOU are innocent! and now with a shorter time to respond and resolve issues, STR owners and operators in Henderson who face a barrage of bogus complaints filed anonymously, this will certainly continue to create even more problems an the likelihood of facing revocation of their registration.  As an example, one host has had over 30 false complaints filed and she has had to fight each and everyone to avoid fines, all filed against her with ZERO evidence. Another host faced similar situation (bogus complaints), a faulty noise device, and faced revocation of his registration, which we were able to avoid on his behalf. Now he's facing revocation AGAIN.  One fine even involves a day when he had no guests. 

Many hosts are upset at local government for such draconian rules and unfair treatment, but they're also angry at and blame Annette Fiola of the VVRA (Vegas Vacation Rental Association) and Julie Davis (the STR teacher) for their role in pushing many of these rules and encouraging the bad ones pubic officials propose and which now make up these ordinances across Southen Nevada, AND which are weaponized against our host community. 

It's about time they start putting the interests of the STR community FIRST, instead of their personal agendas and financial interests.  If this continues, we will never have common sense and fair rules that work for all, despite their claims of advocating for "common sense and fairness."

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