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GLVSTRA Appeals to the Nevada Supreme Court

On Monday, March 13, 2023, the last day of Clark County's pre-licensing scheme, The Greater Las Vegas Short-Term Rental Association filed its Notice of Appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court.

After hopes for a settlement agreement between Clark Counnty and the Association vanisehd over the weekend, the Association continues to push ahead in their quest to protect short-term rental owners against the government overreach they are being subjected to by local Clark County and State officials. Having been granted its Petition for Preliminary Injunction by the Eight Judicial District Court on February 16, 2023, in which Judge Jessica Peterson declared several parts of Clark County's short-term rental ordinance as "unconstitutionally vagues and/or overbroad," and after the County Commissioners's continual refusal to pause the licensing scheme and fix the serious legal issues with their highly unconstitutional and overreaching regulations, the Greater Las Vegas Short-Term Rental Association now moves ahead to plead its case to the Nevada Supreme Court to stand its ground against local and state government overreach against Nevada homeowners and travelers to the State.

Crafting laws and regulations requires states to strike a balance between government action that empowers solutions and government action that undermines American's rights and freedoms. Nevada State Legislators and Clark County Commissioners have failed on both. For years, Nevada STR operators have been asking local and state officials to stop their attack on homeowners and their guests by enforcing overreaching actions which includes excessive fines of up to $10,000 a day and violations of individuals' civil liberties for the "crime" of simply renting a home for less than 31 days. The heavy-handed approach by our government officials highlights how the "little guy" is pushed around and crushed to simply please the special interest groups like the Nevada resort hotels and the Culinary Union, both of which have lobbied against short-term rentals and who heavily donate to these public officials in Nevada, as discussed in a recent article by The Nevada Current called Follow the Money, which examines the amount of money contributed by major industries to individual state lawmakers.

We look forward to having our case heard in front of the Nevada Supreme Court and to plead our case in front of the Supreme Court Justices. The Greater Las Vegas STR Association is a nonprofit group that relies on public donations. To donate to support our legal fight, CLICK HERE.


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