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Clark County Sends Notification Letters to STR Applicants

Clark County has started sending out letters via US Certified Mail and e-mail to all Short-Term Rental Pre-Application applicants letting them know if they are eligible or ineligible to move on to the next phase of the STR application process.

It is very important for you to be aware of the following:

Being determined to be "eligible" DOES NOT mean you have been determined that you qualify for an STR business license. It merely means you are eligible to continue with the next step of the process which the letter will explain.

If you are found to be "ineligible," you are urged to immediately contact us at for assistance on what to do next.

Here are a few Q&As some homeowners have raised:

"If I'm elgible, does this mean I have cleared any restrictions by the County?" No, there are still serval restrictions that will come into play after this next step. For example, the 1,000-foot distance between STRs, the septic tank, if you're in an HOA, one license per person limit, etc and there's still supposed to be an inspection of the property. It is those restrictions that are pending that we feel will ultimately eliminate over 80% of the "eligible" applicants.

How soon will I get my business license, if I submit everything Clark County is requesting by this week? Clark County still has no actual date when the first license will be granted. Also, your documentation will not be reviewed until your lottery number comes up; that's if you do not get disqualified before by someone who has a lower lottery number than you.

So, if the County cannot review my documentation before the lottery numbers before mine, when will Airbnb restrict those without a license? Airbnb and other platforms usually wait until the majority of applicants in a city have had the opportunity to get an actual business license approved. Therefore, these platforms will not be restricting any listings any time soon until a vast number of licenses have actually been issued. This may still take several months or longer.

I heard there is a deadline but the letter from Clark County does not mention any deadline one must submit the application by, is this true, if so what is the deadline? You're correct, the letters mailed out by Clark County do not state any type of deadline. We contacted them about this issue. They now have sent an email which states June 21, 2023 as the deadline. We will be emphasizing the fact to them that this will present an issue since not everyone has received an email and/or certified mail yet, which reduces the time frame for an applicant to apply by.

What is going on with the lawsuit? The Greater Las Vegas Short Term Rental Association has filed its appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court and the County has also filed their appeal as well. A ruling in our favor will ultimately have major impact, not just for Clark County, but the entire State, and nation. It would result in the Court finding the entire or major parts of the licensing scheme unconstitutional which could throw out the current licensing scheme and /or open up licensing for all. It is crucial you continue to support this fight by donating to our legal fund. Click HERE to donate.

I'm a GLVSTRA Gold or Platinum member, what should I do? Gold and Platinum members should contact for immediate personal assistance.

Please know that The Greater Las Vegas Short-Term Rental Association is currently working with our legal representatives to prepare for the appeal phase of our ongoing court battle. Additionally, we are closely monitoring the alleged ongoing violations committed by the Clark County Commissioners in disregard of the District Court's Preliminary Injunction, which explicitly prohibited the County from imposing fines and penalties on short-term rentals, as that was ruled unconstitutional. Disturbingly, we have discovered that Las Vegas homeowners are being unfairly subjected to fines and penalties through a deceitful scheme orchestrated by the County to circumvent the court's order. This situation starkly highlights our claim that the County has not only exceeded its authority but also continues to operate with a sense of impunity, believing they are above the law and showing no regard for a judge's order. The blatant disregard of a court's mandate by our elected officials raises concerns about the protections available to citizens when our own government representatives violate the law without facing consequences. We are committed to taking all necessary actions to address this issue.

Furthermore, we will thoroughly examine the specific justifications provided by the County for deeming the 137 property owners ineligible. It is crucial to note that some of the general reasons cited by the County are ones we intend to dispute in court. Specifically, we will challenge the imposition of a 2,500-foot distance restriction between a private home and a resort hotel, which arbitrarily denies homeowners the ability to obtain a business license for renting out their properties to tourists based solely on their proximity to a resort hotel. This restriction serves as a clear example of collusion between our government officials and large corporate entities, revealing the favoritism and cronyism prevalent in Las Vegas. We firmly believe that such bias is both unjust and unlawful, and we will take legal action to address this issue.

Finally, do not miss our upcoming Meetup on June 7, 2023 at 6pm where we will be sharing additional information related to licensing and the lawsuit. For more information on this event go to the EVENTS section on our website.

Thank you

Jacqueline Flores, Founder

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